MAD Matcha Culinary Grade

Our MAD Matcha Culinary Grade Matcha is the perfect addition to you or your family's diet.  You can pretty much chuck Matcha into anything and it will add a massive 'nutrient boost' to your diet.  From cakes to smoothies, to juices and omelettes its a wonderful ingredient to have lying around your house. As with all of the MAD Matcha grades we give you a whopping 50g for the same price that most of our competitors sell for 30g.  We don't compromise on quality though.  We just think Matcha is awesome and are happy to spread the Matcha love one happy convert at a time! So why not grab a beautiful tin of our MAD Matcha Culinary Grade Matcha today and start juicing and baking some healthy goodness into your life today!

P.s. my personal favourite is to use the MAD Matcha Culinary Grade Matcha for a delicious morning Latte. Some people think you should use a higher grade but I'm a purest.  Ceremonial Grade for drinking on its own when you can really taste the freshness and vibrancy of the flavour but if you're putting milk in then go ahead and use the Culinary Grade.  We just want you to start your own love affair with Matcha!