MAD Matcha A+ Highest Grade

MAD Matcha A+ Highest Grade Matcha is 100% organic green tea leaves using only the first plucking (i.e. the best leaves there are.  It's the same as First Growth red wine from Bordeaux: they use the best grapes for the First Growths and we use only the first plucking Matcha leaves in our Highest Grade Matcha powder).  Sourced directly from the Uji region of Japan where the finest Matcha is produced MAD Matcha's Highest Grade Matcha is the best Matcha there is anywhere

New to Matcha? Thinking: what makes Matcha so special anyway? Well, it's grown under shade for two weeks before plucking which causes the tea plant to go into "overdrive" and produce high amounts of chlorophyll (the bright green stuff that contains all the nutrients). The Matcha leaves are then plucked, (the first leaves selected forming the A+ Grade Matcha), ground straight down by granite stones to form a very fine powder which is packed with anti-oxidants and other natural benefits.  To give you some idea 1g of Matcha provides seventy times the anti-oxidant power of orange juice. Naturally caffeinated for a slow release of energy throughout the day and containing all the natural weight loss benefits of green tea coupled with its unrivalled anti-oxidant power makes Matcha a very, very special type of tea indeed. 

We're MAD about it and we think you will be too!